Delivering Results For The Maritime Industry

Working with our strategic partners, GES USA has had the opportunity to introduce the line of Fitch Fuel Catalyst products to shipbuilding operations, maritime shipping organizations and recreational craft.


From the east and west coasts of the United States to Indonesia and Croatia, GES USA and our partners at Comet Consulting, have been tasked to implement the Fitch Fuel Catalyst products in a wide variety of shipping and ship-building operations. Whether for water-based shipping fleets themselves, or the heavy-equipment needed to build and maintain them, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst has delivered significant savings in fuel and increased operational output.


Commercial cruise operation, Indonesia Cruises leverages Fitch Fuel Catalyst products to improve performance.

Whale watching vessel, Island Explorer 3 incorporates Fitch Fuel Catalyst to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Going Green Pays Off: Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves fuel efficiency by 5-12% in Tuna boat testing.

Making maritime engines more efficient with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

Fitch Fuel Catalyst Trials : Marquette Transportaion Company produces positive results.

Fitch Fuel Catalyst introduced on Tuna Super-Seiner fleet to reduce fuel consumption.


By leveraging GES USA’s expertise and deep knowledge of Fitch Fuel Catalyst product line, industrial and recreational Maritime operations are enjoying significant savings in fuel consumption, increased performance, and most importantly, lower overall emissions.


GES USA markets Fitch Fuel Catalyst products fora wide array for vertical markets. We’d love the opportunity to help you and your business realize increases in fuel economy while lowering harmful emissions.