Fitch supports heavy vehicle and machinery in the mining industry

Working with our strategic partners, GES USA has had the opportunity to bring reductions in fuel consumption and emissions to the mining industry.


Mining for precious metals often prove to be one of the most demanding operations that can be undertaken. With large fleets of heavy machines and vehicles in use daily, fuel consumption and emissions become large concerns to mining operations and the surrounding environment. With GES USA and our partners at Comet Consulting, mining operations have begun to enjoy not only significant decreases in fuel consumption but also lower levels of harmful emissions.


With a fleet of heavy trucks and vehicles in constant operation, fuel savings become a crucial piece of operational success.


By leveraging GES USA’s expertise and deep knowledge of Fitch Fuel Catalyst product line, mining operations that rely on heavy vehicles and machinery are enjoying significant savings in fuel consumption, increased performance, and most importantly, lower overall emissions.


GES USA markets Fitch Fuel Catalyst products fora wide array for vertical markets. We’d love the opportunity to help you and your business realize increases in fuel economy while lowering harmful emissions.