Increasing fuel efficiency for transportation and municipalities

When it comes to the running of buses, trains and other specialized transportation vehicles, any opportunity to save on fuel consumption is a welcome opportunity.


From the east and west coasts of the United States to Indonesia and Croatia, GES USA and our partners at Comet Consulting, have been tasked to implement the Fitch Fuel Catalyst products in a wide variety of shipping and ship-building operations. Whether for water-based shipping fleets themselves, or the heavy-equipment needed to build and maintain them, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst has delivered significant savings in fuel and increased operational output.


Fitch Fuel Catalyst implemented into Allentown public works to increase efficiency.

Novi Sad public transportation installs Fitch Fuel Catalyst to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Heavy freight vechicles and equipment run Fitch Fuel Catalyst tests.


Public works, be they in the United States or around the world all face two very important dilemmas: how to provide the highest levels of service while being finally and environmentally responsible. With Fitch Full Catalyst, the answers to these questions become much easier.


GES USA markets Fitch Fuel Catalyst products fora wide array for vertical markets. We’d love the opportunity to help you and your business realize increases in fuel economy while lowering harmful emissions.